About our Christmas Products

We here at Alpine Tree and Wreath are committed to providing the great people of Seattle with the best Christmas Tree, the best Wreath, and the best Garland.  Let us give you a run down on what exactly we sell at the lot.  First up, our Christmas Trees!


Christmas Trees

All of our trees come from Oregon.  Over the years (7 to be exact), we have weeded out the bad farms and suppliers and have kept the best ones.  We carry 4 different types of trees on the lot.  They all range from 2-3ft to 8-9ft.  We usually try to get a handful of trees around 10-12 ft.  If you are interested in a bigger tree, contact us and we can see what we can do.


Noble Firs – The noble fir is the best selling and most popular type of tree that we sell.  In terms of price, middle ground.  They have strong branches and strong needle retention.  They are the best value when you take into account the price and the durability.


Douglas Firs – Dougs are the cheapest tree on the lot.  The branches are more flimsy and needle retention is not as good as the Nobles.  They tend to look a lot more shaggier.  The one thing that does set apart the Douglas firs are their scent.  By far the most fragrant of all the trees..your home will be smelling like christmas in a few hours!


Grand Firs –  Grand firs are the compromise between Nobles and Douglas firs.  A little bit more expensive than the Douglas but not as much as the Nobles.  More fragrant than the nobles but still the branches are not as strong.


Nordman Firs –  Ah, the Nordmans.  Staff favorites!  Top of the line tree (used car salesmen voice).  Very stong branches and beautiful color.  Needle retention is better than the Nobles.  Priced at the most expensive tree on the lot, but well worth it in our opinion.




Our Wreaths are a little bit more locale.  They are made in Puyallup, WA.  We carry three different sizes: 16 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch.  All are made with cedar greenery, and different accents like berries.




We love this stuff!  Garland is a great way to kick up the decorating in your house.  Hang over doorways, over fireplaces, over windows, wherever it is, it looks great!  All of the garland is made of cedar greenery.  Made by the same people who make our Wreaths.